GreenPro Ventures-Tuff Mat-Woven Pond Liner for Water Storage Solutions

Tuff Mat

Woven Pond Liner for Water Storage Solutions

GreenPro Tuff Mat Liner is designed as a farmer friendly product giving enhanced life to the product and increasing the profitability of the farmers. With the in-house 7 Layer Extrusion plant, we are capable of making UV Stabilised, virtually impermeable Reinforced Composite Geo-Membranes, which will block water seepage. Suitable for water retention in aquaculture, pond and canal lining applications.

The film on either side ensures there is no water seepage. The rigid woven UV stabilized fabric in between offers high durability, weather protection and good tear resistance.


Environment Friendly

Max. use of rain water

Very high UV Protection

Excellent Flexibility

Puncture Resistant

Crack Resistant

Available Capacity & Sizes:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Tuff Mat

A Tuff Mat is a specialized woven pond liner designed to create durable and reliable water storage solutions.

A Tuff Mat acts as a reliable barrier, preventing water from seeping into the ground and providing a contained space for water storage.

Tuff Mats offer effective water containment, reducing water loss due to seepage and providing a stable reservoir for various purposes.

Tuff Mats are suitable for creating ponds, reservoirs, and water storage areas on farms, landscaping projects, and more.

Tuff Mats are typically made from high-quality woven materials that are strong, durable, and resistant to punctures and tears.

Yes, Tuff Mats come in various sizes and can be used for both small-scale and large-scale water storage needs.

Installing a Tuff Mat involves preparing the area, unrolling the mat, and securing it in place according to manufacturer guidelines.

Tuff Mats are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature changes.

Yes, Tuff Mats are suitable for creating fish ponds or aquaculture setups, providing a reliable water containment solution.

In some cases, minor damage to Tuff Mats can be repaired using patch kits or repair materials recommended by the manufacturer.

Tuff Mats can be considered environmentally friendly when used responsibly, as they prevent water wastage and help with water conservation.

Yes, Tuff Mats can serve as liners for rainwater harvesting systems, providing a contained area to store collected rainwater.

Tuff Mats require minimal maintenance. Cleaning can be done with mild soap and water, and regular inspections for damage are recommended.

Tuff Mats for water storage can be found at agricultural supply stores, pond supply retailers, and online marketplaces.

Always refer to the specific product’s details and guidelines for accurate information
about the “Tuff Mat” you are interested in.