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Privacy Screen

Privacy Solutions for Personal Space

GreenPro Knitted Privacy Screens are manufactured with superior knitted fabrics with uniform and consistent shading for privacy – up to 90% shade, giving the right balance between privacy and ventilation. The high strength fabric gives excellent wind resistance while being permeable to air and water. The reinforcement on the edges and grommets makes it easier & flexible for installation. Formulated with anti-UV degradation properties, the product is guaranteed for more than 5 years durability in outdoor conditions.

Reinforced Edges for durability

Washable for easy cleaning

Permeable for better ventilation

Well Stabilized for UV Radiation

Re-Usable many times

Available Capacity & Sizes:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Privacy Screen

A Privacy Screen is a versatile solution designed to create secluded and private spaces in various environments.

Privacy Screens are ideal for homes, offices, outdoor areas, and public spaces where added privacy is desired.

Privacy Screens block visibility from certain angles, providing a barrier between spaces without completely obstructing light.

Privacy Screens can be crafted from various materials, including fabric, wood, bamboo, metal, and even artificial foliage.

Many Privacy Screens are portable and foldable, making them easy to move and store when not in use.

Yes, there are outdoor-friendly Privacy Screens designed to withstand weather conditions and offer privacy in gardens, patios, and balconies.

Some Privacy Screens come in adjustable or customizable sizes to fit specific spaces and preferences.

While they can offer some acoustic dampening, their primary purpose is visual privacy rather than sound insulation.

Absolutely, Privacy Screens are used in offices, restaurants, cafes, and other public spaces to create partitioned areas.

10. Are Privacy Screens eas

Maintenance varies by material; most screens can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Yes, many Privacy Screens are designed for easy self-installation, and they often come with instructions and necessary hardware.

Some manufacturers offer customizable designs, colors, and patterns to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Yes, Privacy Screens can be used to create enclosed areas at events, providing temporary privacy or visual barriers.

You can find Privacy Screens at home improvement stores, furniture shops, online retailers, and businesses specializing in interior decor.

Always refer to the specific product’s details and instructions for accurate information about the
“Privacy Screen” you are interested in.