Bio Floc Liner

Bio-Floc Liner

GreenPro Bio-Floc Liner is a better solution for a portable fish tank. The materials used for the tank are non-toxic unlike PVC. The multilayer structure eliminates the water seepage completely. The tanks are offered in various capacities.

Excellent Flexibility

Easy to Handle

Environment Friendly



Puncture Resistant

Water Storage

The multilayer film ensures there is no water seepage. The film offers high UV stability, weather protection, good tear resistance and flexibility. Revets are provided all around to attach the Biofloc to the base metal frame.

Liner made out of Asia’s First & Only Wide Width 7 Layer Barrier Film Plant from Bandera, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bio-floc Liner

A Bio-floc Liner is a specialized lining material designed to create and maintain optimal conditions for bio-floc systems. These systems utilize beneficial microorganisms to improve water quality in aquaculture settings.

The Bio-floc Liner enhances bio-floc systems by providing a surface for beneficial microbes to adhere to. These microbes help convert organic matter into a more usable form, improving water quality and supporting healthier aquatic life.

Bio-floc Liners promote efficient nutrient cycling, reduce water exchange requirements, and enhance biosecurity. They improve growth rates, reduce stress on aquatic organisms, and create a more stable and sustainable aquaculture environment.

Yes, a Bio-floc Liner is adaptable and can be used in various aquaculture systems such as ponds, tanks, raceways, and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), providing benefits across different setups.

While the Bio-floc Liner enhances the natural microbial balance, basic maintenance includes regular monitoring of water parameters and occasional cleaning to prevent excessive biofilm buildup. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific care instructions.

Yes, Bio-floc Liners contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for water exchange and minimizing the discharge of waste into surrounding ecosystems. They promote responsible aquaculture practices.

Absolutely, the improved water quality provided by a Bio-floc Liner can lead to increased growth rates and higher production yields of aquatic species, making it a valuable asset for commercial aquaculture operations.

Yes, Bio-floc Liners can often be customized to fit various dimensions and shapes of aquaculture facilities. Manufacturers may offer options for tailoring liners to specific requirements.

Yes, investing in a Bio-floc Liner can be cost-effective due to reduced water exchange requirements, lower feed costs, and increased production yields. Over time, these benefits can lead to significant savings.

For more information, consult the product manufacturer’s documentation, aquaculture industry publications, or seek advice from experts in aquaculture and bio-floc systems.

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