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The logistics industry is one of the most rushed operational structures of business. As such movement of goods and products on time is a much-needed requirement. It is because of this rush many a time safety protocols related to safeguarding goods face the brunt of the fall. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the natural elements, which often raise huge challenges for the operational process of the logistics industry. It is because of this reason having adequate and proper safety is extremely important. But in order to create adequate safety to protect goods from weather and other natural elements selection of the right material for protection is of prime importance. It is because of this gap in the material of protection and improper placement of solutions, businesses in the logistics industry face challenges again and again. If you are from the logistics industry and often ask yourself these questions:

  • Does weather always create huge challenges for my business?
  • Because of the weather, I faced so many losses.
  • Again my goods are soiled by weather conditions?
  • Again my buyer will call me to say I have sent bad products.

Well in that case you are just in the right place to find a solution!

At Greenpro we bring to the logistics industry, a perfect weather solution for all seasons. Come let’s take a look at, what we have to offer.

Our Solution

At Greenpro we bring to you heavy-duty weather protection solutions. Our solution fits right for all your logistic transport while protecting your goods from bad weather conditions. At Greenpro we ensure a long-lasting solution to your logistic weather problem, where we customize your heavy-duty weather protection as per your need.

Overview of Material

Our heavy-duty weather protection is made from 7 layers of composite plastic materials that ensure leakage and windproof shield for your logistic business. Our heavy-duty weather protection shield layers highlight the following major components:

  • HDPE Woven Fabric
  • Lamination
  • Tie Layer
  • 7 Layer barrier film
  • Lamination
  • Tie Layer
  • HDPE Woven Fabric

Our palindrome manufacturing process provides flexibility to the users, to use the material from either side, without having to worry about changes in the service quality that our heavy-duty weather solution provides.

Overview of Features and Specification

Our heavy-duty weather protection is virtually tested against the worst of weather conditions, ensuring proper safety for your goods on the logistic journey. Our heavy-duty weather protection comes with the following major features that will meet all your requirements:

  • The product is available in Size Variant of 18*24’, 18*30’ and 18*36’
  • The colour variant available at the moment is only Olive Green
  • The heavy-duty weather protection shield is leakage-proof and puncture-proof that has been tested against a high water resistance testing process, ensuring safety from rainfall
  • The heavy-duty weather protection shield provides compact security from too much heat, validated against the weather heat testing process
  • The product showcases moisture retention capacity based on goods requirements if a suitable inner environment is developed before delivery
  • Our heavy-duty weather protection shield provides persistent reflection ensuring the safety of your products from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • The heavy-duty weather protection shield is tear-resistant in nature providing you a guarantee to last a lifetime.
  • Made from HDPE 7 layers of protection tested and approved by international control over HDPE material, the heavy-duty weather protection shield is reusable in nature
  • In case heavy-duty weather protection shield gets covered in mud and dirt you can wash the product since a heavy-duty weather protection shield is washable in nature.

A heavy-duty weather protection shield is a kind of logistic solution that has been developed keeping in mind India’s different kinds of weather. It not only provides you with the flexibility of time testing against natural calamities while delivering your goods but also ensures long-lasting quality.

Why Chose Greenpro Heavy Duty Weather Protection Solution?

With 30 years of experience in the field and the latest testing production process, Greenpro has carefully developed a heavy-duty weather protection shield, a one-of-a-kind product. Our heavy-duty weather protection shield goes through multiple testing processes against natural weather challenges that your logistic business faces on a daily basis. The product has been developed keeping in mind Indian weather conditions and the various weather changes acclivity that your delivery process has to go through. To ensure premiere quality that lasts a lifetime 7 layer approach has been used to develop a heavy-duty weather protection shield. That is why we proudly bring to heavy-duty weather protection shield a one of kind weather protection solution for your logistic business. To know more get in touch with us.

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