GreenPro Ventures-MEDIUM GRADE POLY TARP-Weather Protection Solution

Medium Grade Poly Tarp

Multi-purpose Weather Protection Solution

GreenPro Medium Grade Tarpaulins are multi-purpose tarpaulins with double laminated PP coated fabric for extra strength and protection. With 140 GSM, they are approximately twice the weight of an economy tarpaulin, making it strong and durable.


Very High UV Protection

Water Proof & Washable

Resistant to Strong Winds


Tear Resistant

Easy to Clean

Available Sizes:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Medium Grade Poly Tarp

A Medium Grade Poly Tarp is a versatile and durable protective covering made from polyethylene material, designed to shield items from various weather conditions.

Medium Grade Poly Tarps fall between lightweight and heavy-duty options, offering a balance of durability and affordability for moderate applications.

Medium Grade Poly Tarps come in a range of sizes to fit different items, from small equipment to larger areas.

Medium Grade Poly Tarps typically have grommets or reinforced edges for easy tying down using ropes, bungee cords, or other fastening methods.

Yes, Medium Grade Poly Tarps are water-resistant, providing protection against rain and light moisture.

Absolutely, these tarps are great for covering firewood, vehicles, equipment, and other items stored outdoors.

The lifespan depends on usage and exposure to weather. With proper care, they can last several seasons.

Yes, these tarps are useful for creating shelters, covering tents, and providing additional protection while camping.

Yes, cleaning is usually simple. Rinse with water and mild soap, then air dry before folding and storing.

Yes, these tarps can serve as drop cloths to protect surfaces from paint drips and spills.

Many Medium Grade Poly Tarps are treated to resist UV damage and fading from prolonged sun exposure.

Yes, you can trim them if needed, but be cautious, as cutting may affect the tarp’s strength and integrity.

Warranty coverage varies by manufacturer. Check product details for warranty information.

Medium Grade Poly Tarps can be found at hardware stores, home improvement centers, and online retailers specializing in outdoor products.

Always refer to the product specifications and care instructions for accurate information about the specific “Medium Grade Poly Tarp” you’re interested in.