GreenPro Ventures-Hydro Mat-Extruded Pond Liner

Hydro Mat

Extruded Pond Liner for Water Storage Solutions

GreenPro Hydro Mat is made as a water seepage blocking material which is made in our 7 layer extrusion plant. These are UV stabilized, virtually impermeable reinforced composite ge0-membranes which blocks water seepage completely. With very high puncture resistance than industry standards, our customers will be able to get a far superior product for water retention in aquaculture, pond and canal lining applications. This can also be used in pools, lakes and landfills.

Excellent Flexibility

Max. use of rain water

Environment Friendly


Very high UV Protection

Puncture Resistant

Crack Resistant

The multilayer film ensures there is no water seepage. The film offers high UV stability, weather protection, good tear resistance and flexibility.

Available Capacity & Sizes:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Hydro Mat

A Hydro Mat is a specialized mat designed to provide efficient water absorption and moisture control in various settings.

The Hydro Mat utilizes advanced materials to quickly absorb and retain water, helping to keep surfaces dry and prevent water damage.

Hydro Mats are versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors, in homes, offices, workshops, and even vehicles, to manage water and moisture.

Hydro Mats are often made from absorbent materials like microfiber, polypropylene, or similar fabrics designed for effective water absorption.

Yes, most Hydro Mats are designed to be reusable. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper washing and care.

Hydro Mats come in various sizes to suit different needs, from small spill containment to larger surface coverage.

Many Hydro Mats are designed with eco-friendly materials and can contribute to reducing water waste and damage.

Yes, Hydro Mats are useful for pet owners to manage spills, accidents, and water bowls.

Cleaning methods vary by product but usually involve machine washing or rinsing. Check the product instructions for specific guidance.

Yes, Hydro Mats can be placed under appliances like washing machines or dishwashers to catch leaks and prevent floor damage.

Yes, many Hydro Mats are designed for outdoor use, such as in gardening, camping, or preventing water accumulation on patios.

Yes, by effectively managing moisture, Hydro Mats can contribute to reducing the conditions conducive to mold and mildew growth.

Some Hydro Mats come with non-slip backing or textures to enhance grip and prevent accidents.

Hydro Mats can be found at home improvement stores, online retailers, and shops specializing in cleaning and organization products.

Please refer to the specific product’s details and instructions for accurate information about the “Hydro Mat” you are interested in.